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State of the Union

John Baunach

09.07 - 09.28.2018



Fri. Sept. 28th


ampersand international arts is thrilled to announce State of the Union, a solo show by San Francisco based artist John Baunach. Opening September 7th, 2018, State of the Union is a mixed media exhibition examining Baunach's struggle with current social, political, and economic divides, interweaving installation, realism, and pop-art.

While striving to interpret headlines concerning inequality and abuse of power, Baunach's body of work attempts to instantiate artifacts that force viewers to inspect concepts related to American diversity, uniformity, and fellowship. Using several different mediums, including copper, spray paint, resin, and glitter, Baunach depicts beautiful imagery containing somber and complicated narratives surrounding race, gender, education, and environment. Proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to non-profit and local support organizations, committed to anti-racist discourse and assistance aligned with each pieces’ thematic elements.

Join ampersand international arts September 7th through September 28th for a personal reflection of John Baunach's State of the Union.

John Baunach is a Bay Area native born and raised in the south bay residing in San Francisco since 2007. His works have been shown in San Francisco galleries and published in Relish Magazine. With his need to always "make things", Baunach curiously explores methods and materials in search of new and captivating ways to present his conscious and unconscious.


State of the Union
John Baunach

Friday, September 28th

Exhibition Dates:
September 7th - September 28th, 2018

Gallery Hours:
Thursdays and Fridays
or by appointment

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