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Group Exhbition

09.15 - 10.14.16

SAN FRANCISCO, CA- 'Palette', an ambitious group exhibition at ampersand international arts, offers a look inside the creative practice of over twenty contemporary artists and explores conceptual processes normally kept private within the artists’ studios.


Instead of displaying 'finished artwork', co-curators Kelly Inouye, Theodora Mauro, and Lisa Solomon asked artists to contribute whatever it is that inspired their work and helps them tap their creative well. The idea of a painter’s palette was used as a starting point for the curatorial process and developed as an analogy for the way artists compose their own vernacular. The resulting exhibition features an eclectic mix of found objects, research materials, actual palettes, studio accidents, works-in-progress, studies, music, collections, sketchbooks, and ephemera illustrating the unpredictable nature of inspiration and the value of creative thinking.


Participating artists include Christine Aria, Barry Beach, Connie Begg, Carissa Potter Carlson, Courtney Cerruti, Sydney Cohen, Alicia Dornadic, Alicia Escott, Joseph Ferriso, Laura Boles Faw, Patrick Sean Gibson, Kate Haug, Amanda Hughen, Heather Smith Jones, Mary Anne Kluth, Carey Lin, Carrie Lederer, Dori Latman, Kara Maria, Maysha Mohamedi, Kelly Ording, Brian Perrin, Maggie Preston, Mel Prest, Laurel Shear, Satsuki Shibuya, Sarah A. Smith, Jennifer Starkweather, and Victoria Wagner.


ampersand international arts is a contemporary art gallery located in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. The space provides artists, local and international, emerging and mid-career, a platform for communication and conversation that is open, unique and inspirational. The gallery is committed to collaborating with artists, curators and art enthusiasts in promoting an intercultural dialogue surrounding art. Join us for this stimulus driven exhibition 'Palette', beginning Thursday September 15th through Friday October 14th.



Group Exhibition

Opening Reception:

Thursday, September 15th 6pm-9pm

Exhibition Dates:

September 15th through October 14th, 2016


Gallery Hours:

Thursdays and Fridays 12pm-5pm or by appointment

CLICK HERE to preview/purchase the Palette catalogue

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