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Christian Dicky Davies / Mitra Fabian

04.07 - 05.05.2017

ampersand international arts is thrilled to announce two simultaneous solo exhibitions opening Friday, April 7th, 2017. "Aiming for Providence" by San Francisco based artist Christian Dicky Davies, and “Evolving Networks” by San Jose based artist Mitra Fabian are two exhibitions focusing on color, pattern and texture applied with modern components and unusual techniques.


“Aiming for Providence” by Christian Dicky Davies is his brand new body of work exploring the magic that happens when air pressure and paint are thrust together. Davies manipulates his materials to create depth and abstract compositions often resembling structural biology. This body of work is a departure from a steadied practice to the exploration of new processes. The paintings continue to connect to memory and process while shifting from the macro to micro through the use of pattern and reference.


“Evolving Networks” by Mitra Fabian is an exhibition of sculptures and works on paper that are a surreal hybrid of circuitry and clay. Creating works intercrossing thrown and hand-built ceramics with hundreds of candy-colored circuit board components, Fabian creates new forms incorporating the discarded and sometimes out-dated resistors, capacitors and diodes she comes across while living in Silicon Valley.


Please join us April 7th through May 5th for two solo exhibitions highlighting the contemporary process, materials and techniques of Christian Dicky Davies and Mitra Fabian.



Aiming for Providence
Christian Dicky Davies
Evolving Networks
Mitra Fabian

Opening Reception:
Friday, April 7th



Closing Reception:

Saturday, May 6th


Exhibition Dates:
April 7th - May 5th, 2017

Gallery Hours:
Thursdays and Fridays
or by appointment

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