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April 29th-May 1st


Precious Cargo
- NYC -

ampersand international arts and Incline Gallery invite you to a special New York City Pop-Up exhibition, “Precious Cargo” featuring artists Gabriel Kulka, Michael Namkung and Sarah A. Smith. Following the success of their first collaboration “Carry On” in Mexico City, San Francisco's ampersand international arts and Incline Gallery team up for another exciting show to take place in a converted exhibition space in New York City's TriBeCa neighborhood. 


Gabriel Kulka was born on Long Island and now works and lives in San Francisco. Using clay, wood and metal Kulka creates fantastically detailed figures in varying states of abstraction. Kulka's hand crafted wood robots and miniature vignettes are both sturdy and fragile with articulating joints and exquisitely detailed carvings highlighting the material's natural colors and inclusions. 


Michael Namkung was born in Oakland, California and now lives and works in Miami, Florida. His work explores movement and physical exertion by utilizing the body as a drawing implement. Pushing the possibilities and practices of drawing, Namkung's work records the path of the body in motion resulting in strikingly beautiful drawings, performances, and videos. 


Sarah A. Smith was born in Boston, studied in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and is now a long time Bay Area resident. Smith's work depicts creatures plucked from fables and mythology. Working with gold leaf, ink and glass, Smith captures the mighty elegance of her subjects in a delicate format.

Join us in celebrating the works of Gabriel Kulka, Michael Namkung and Sarah A. Smith in “Precious Cargo”. Opening reception on Friday, April 29th, 2016 from 6pm-9pm. Additional open hours Saturday, April 30th and Sunday, May 1st. 

For more information on the location and additional open hours please RSVP to andartsf @ gmail . com. 


For More Info Please EMAIL.

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